Doing business in Dubai

Doing business in Dubai.  
We will explain the benefits.

Doing business in Dubai

Since 2000 Dubai has experienced unprecedented growth in all sectors of its diverse economy. In addition, the government is constantly taking steps to improve transparency and introduce dynamic regulations that support the establishment of small and medium-sized enterprises. As a global trading center, Dubai also offers a wealth of opportunities for your company. There is a good reason why all manner of trade fairs are held in Dubai and why many of your fellow entrepreneurs are establishing a base there.

Dubai office

Visser & Visser has had an office in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates since 2013. This office operates under the name The Watermill Consultants DWC-LLC and provides us with an excellent insight into the local environment, laws, procedures and financial benefits. We can support you in a range of areas when it comes to setting up an office in Dubai and establishing local trading contacts, and can also offer other forms of financial and legal support.

Knowledge at your fingertips

In the Middle East business is done differently compared with the Netherlands. Knowledge of the business environment in the United Arab Emirates is therefore crucial. By working with The Watermill Consultants, you can make sure that no time is wasted with lengthy procedures and that you get in touch with the right people.
Further information on doing business in Dubai can be found on the website of The Watermill Consultants.