Companies are continually looking for ways in which to work more efficiently. Censhare has responded to this need with an all-connecting tool for smart marketing and communication. An interview with Pieter Stroop, Managing Director of Censhare Benelux and Nordics.

Anyone who sets foot in Censhare’s office in Gouda cannot help but notice the record players by the entrance. With two cabinets full of records, there is something for everyone. Pieter explains that he is a big music buff: “Music connects people to each other. That’s precisely what we at Censhare also do: connect.”


Managing content

As a businessman, he is absolutely passionate about the all-in-one platform for communication and marketing which Censhare has developed. “Censhare is a smart content management system that replaces separate software applications or functions as a central marketing hub. This means that users can organise all their content information in one system and automate their processes.”

By way of an example, Pieter refers to the workflow for an IKEA catalogue. “You need a large number of software programs to put together a catalogue like that: applications for text, images, layout, product information, task lists, planning, management processes and so on. Censhare replaces all these programs, so you can manage all your content in one place and coordinate campaigns: from digital assets to product information and content. You can also publish online and offline easily using this tool. And thanks to a smart translation memory, you can also convert content into other languages. This final point is hugely important in the publishing and marketing world.”


Publishing platform

Censhare offers a solution for big companies involved in large-scale communication and marketing projects on a daily basis. It makes producing even just one catalogue easier, for instance. “However, a company like IKEA produces a catalogue for 150 countries. That’s one big content factory. And then there are companies that publish 50 titles per week. You can imagine how nice it is then to have all your employees on the one central publishing platform, working on all the texts and images that need to appear in the catalogue. Instead of wasting time on searching for content and managing it in various systems, they can focus entirely on the quality of their content and on creating campaigns.”


World leader

Since it was established in 2001, Censhare has been a world leader in the field of content management. The Board of Directors is based at the head office in Munich. There are also offices in the United Kingdom, United States, France and India. With clients such as Dyson, Jaguar Land Rover and BMW, Censhare has an attractive client base.

In June 2017, Censhare opened its Dutch office in Gouda, which will focus completely on Censhare’s growth in the Benelux region and Nordic countries. “It is incredibly energising being able to launch this great product in a new market with a dynamic group of people,” says Pieter.


Accountant around the corner

The Managing Director explains that when he was starting up his Dutch office he sought direct help for its financial accounting. “Even though Censhare operates worldwide, I opted for an accountant around the corner, one with knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards.”

Pieter stresses the importance of conducting business without any worries. “I don’t want to have to concern myself with my organisation’s bookkeeping or financial reporting. I’m a sales manager. My passion is to provide work for people in a country where we don’t have any clients yet. But the backbone of my organisation needs to be in perfect order, especially with a German parent company that wants to see every little receipt accounted for. That’s why I went with Visser & Visser.”


Great asset

The Gouda businessman values Visser & Visser’s dedication and the way in which our Dutch activities have been integrated into the German ERP system. “Our contact, Erik Bakker, is a great asset. He works really quickly, has his affairs in order, gives good advice and speaks perfect English and German. The latter is obviously very handy with a German head office.”

While Erik checks out the numerous records in the collection, Pieter confesses that he would be lost without his versatile accountant. “They are available almost around the clock and respond very fast when I have a question. And what’s really great is that we were recently complimented by the head office on how well Censhare Netherlands has done in getting its financial reporting in order. This is all thanks to Visser & Visser. And because Erik is so good at his work, I’m able to make time now and then to listen to fine music,” says Pieter with a wink. “Which record have you chosen, Erik?”

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