What have we learned?

Monday and Tuesday April 8th and 9th my colleague Dirk Verheul and myself were present at LEXPO’19 to learn more about the latest trends in legal innovation and to discuss the developments in the legal world with professionals in the industry. Dirk obviously is our specialist in the financial reporting matters and internal control issues law firms may face whereas I was present given the international nature of law firms present. We were also present to demonstrate our own financial solutions to support lawyers in making their daily accounting practice less time-consuming and user friendly. What have we learned and how can we assist you?

What drives success?

In various speaker sessions, both internal and external developments were discussed. And as always, the broad term of ‘success’ was one of them. An important indicator of how success is regarded within your firm, is the type of stories that are told in the lunch break or on the Whatsapp group. What is your team proud of to share? Are those new services at existing clients or new acquisitions? Our dashboarding tool can help identify your revenues per practice area, per lawyer, per office in order to see whether reality matches the stories. 


We were also present to invest in- and expand our network. Given the fact that our team International Business services clients from all over the world, we connected to multiple law firms abroad who in the future may assist our clients in their legal needs. Besides that, we also met with our most important software partners in order to discuss how we can improve our joint solutions even more.

Dinner for Monday night included a great bowl of sushi from Sushi Island, sponsored by Visser & Visser!


Another great development is the presence of LegalTech startups with very sophisticated solutions. What used to be buzzwords such as Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning has turned into very practical and timesaving solutions for automated document recognition, filing and advanced searching. Both for accountants and lawyers, technology will open a great deal of doors in order to even further increase the service levels and quality whilst saving time on straightforward matters. 

Our solutions

Are you curious how Visser & Visser may assist you in your law practice? Take a look at our website www.visser-visser.com/legal and reach out to Dirk or myself. We are already assisting state-of-the-art law firms and are more than happy to assist you too!

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