1609, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. On board the ‘Halve Maen’ the crew are battling the elements to stay on course. The storm is buffeting the ship, tossing it this way and that. During the lulls between the waves the captain tries to update the ship’s logbook, hoping that, one day, his account will get back to his clients... 4,200 kilometers away in Amsterdam a shareholder of the Dutch East India Company asks about the status of this international voyage. Unfortunately, it takes several months for the answer to arrive. Was investing the right decision or was it money down the drain?


The speed of modern communication

2018, the same location. 11 kilometers above sea level a Boeing 777 is gradually approaching its destination. Over a drink, two accountants are going over developments at their client and performing an initial analysis of the draft figures from its foreign holdings. In the coming days they will examine the work of the local accountants and discuss developments within the organization with the local management. The report of their findings will then be emailed back to the shareholder, allowing him to study them before the conference call next week. 4,200 kilometers away in Amsterdam the shareholder leans back calmly in his chair. In a few days’ time he will once again be fully abreast of all developments within his foreign holdings, thanks to the update from his accountants.


Distance is no obstacle

If you do business internationally, you can come up against various problems as a result of physical distance, cultural differences, language barriers and, of course, differing laws and regulations. As an international accountant and a prominent member of the worldwide PrimeGlobal network, we have experience in a wide range of areas and, if necessary, can call on the assistance of colleagues in the countries concerned. In practice, this means that we can help our clients get a grip on the situation at foreign entities, advise them on the application of national and international laws and regulations and guide the audit of the group’s financial statements, amongst other things.


Would you like to find out more about what we can do for you internationally?

Do you feel like the shareholder from 1609 when it comes to getting a grip on your (foreign) investments? Perhaps you are a modern-day shareholder who feels unable to sit back and relax? Or are you simply someone who personifies the Dutch entrepreneurial spirit and can see opportunities across the border, but could do with some proactive guidance? If so, please contact us to find out how we can help and, where necessary, support you with coaching to help your business grow, especially outside the Netherlands!

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