From financial statements 
to an advice



IT and the cloud

Paper accounts are now a thing of the past – in the SME sector too. To ensure we can provide our clients with targeted advice, we work with the very latest IT products. We have developed software ourselves and have also set up the company Refine-IT. That means we are perfectly equipped to monitor your company's situation and identify any adjustments that may be needed. We also work with Visionplanner in the cloud, which gives us a permanent insight into developments at your company and means we can share our dashboard findings with you. The major benefit of this approach is that we can identify opportunities at an early stage.

As your accountant we will be happy to look to the future and help you plan both your business and personal affairs. We will be there by your side, but will also have the courage to look at things differently. If the plan is to focus on the Dutch market or just to expand to the European or global market, we have the knowledge and skills to be the complementary part of you as entrepreneur.

What services do we offer?

Visser & Visser can offer you a wide range of accounting services. From entering accounting data to offering strategic advice, you can outsource services to us in a flexible way. We will take care of any task that you do not have the time or local knowledge to handle in-house. Every company is unique and we therefore offer solutions tailored to you. When lacking specialists abroad, we can help you through our membership in PrimeGlobal, a worldwide association of independent accounting firms, covering the world with approximately 300 member firms.

A selection of the services we provide