HRM and payroll accounting

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HRM and payroll accounting

Personnel is an important area of attention for an organization and one in which you may well appreciate some support. This might take the form of professional payroll accounting, up-to-date digital personnel files and advice in relation to HRM and employment law. By supporting you in this way, we can help you look after your most important asset: your employees. With our full range of payroll and HRM services, you can count on a service that is tailored perfectly to your business.

Covering every aspect of HRM and payroll accounting

Payroll and HRM are broad disciplines that include aspects ranging from payroll accounting, contracts and HRM matters through to tax, social security and legal services. Also situations with foreign workers and expats are fully controlled in these matters. You also have to deal with constantly changing laws and regulations. Visser & Visser can provide support in some or all of these areas, in the form of services or advice. We can also offer you temporary solutions, in the event of capacity problems for example.

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