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Management information

Do you want more control over your business processes? Then opt for a solution that will ensure your business is operating intelligently based on operational and financial management information that is independent of your source systems. We will offer you analysis, insight and action. Access to appropriate management information is essential to help you guide your organization in the right direction. Key performance indicators (KPIs) reveal the status of an organization or organizational unit in the form of a single figure.

User-friendly KPI dashboards

Through the use of KPI dashboards we will help you control your business activities. These tools will give you an insight into all your company data in an intuitive, user-friendly way, ensuring you have access to accurate and reliable management information. This information can be analyzed at any level of your choice, whether you are looking for relevant input for decisions, need to perform a risk assessment or want to measure performance. A KPI dashboard gives you control over your business processes and makes the right informa tion available to the management in good time.

 Development and implementation

Are you looking for support with the development and implementation of performance indicators? To ensure successful implementation, we will start with a baseline measurement. This involves identifying what works and what does not. You will be given a practical information matrix containing performance indicators that you can use to guide your organization successfully. This matrix also indicates which measurement instruments we use and in which systems the measurements are recorded.

 Get to know Refine-IT

Due to the importance and specialist nature of IT, we have transferred our activities in this area to a specialist business unit that goes by the name of Refine-IT. Entrepreneurs from a range of different sectors make use of Refine-IT's business intelligence solutions. Our experience in the provision of (financial) information provides the basis for the development of every new dashboard. Here we make use of user-friendly and intuitive solutions like Qlik, QlikView and QlikSense. The content of a KPI dashboard is always company-specific, however.

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